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Forget 2016, 2020 is going to be the ugliest Presidential race ever

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In the 1800s it started out with political candidates accusing each other of being hermaphrodite’s and trying to Muckrake stories of infidelity.

What gave way too ugly campaigns in the 50s and 60s especially with Goldwater running — Culminated with an exceptional degree of veracity in 2016.

2016 brought out a new level of pop culture idioms — in the form of both Memes, and well articulated social media attacks from both sides of the aisle.

It also led to massive degrees of political infighting — with both parties — that played out leveraging popular TV themes expressed as Memes as well.

However all the amusement an ugliness — With that included the right making fun of the left in NPC Memes — Has begun to give away for something far uglier leading up to 2020.

With Kamala Harris Announcing her intent to run for president in 2020 — the wolves come out from the forest.

Kamala Is already facing blowback from a confirmed extramarital affair with a married mayor San Francisco.

As well as — meaningful claims that she did nothing for the black community outside of putting them in jail.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders who is also expected to announce his face and criticism questioning whether he’ll be alive in 2020.

And Twitter apparently has trouble living with a fake Beto O’Rourke account that mocks him for eating too many peach cobblers

With the Democratic primary debates lined up to begin in June of 2019 — Expect the veracity of the questions and comments to continue to ramp up and the DNC’s field of about 20 candidates to big into thin rather quickly.

Additionally — keep in mind — That there are rumors of Hillary Clinton already fundraising $40 million in Texas. Should she threw her head back into the ring for round three (Remember she lost against Obama and Trump) — This is bound to be the ugliest and potentially the most amusing race we’ve ever seen.

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